The power of simulation

One video game I played involved racing a remote control car through a street.

When I practiced on a particular track, the game would project a ghost of the car from my best performance on the track, racing beside me. If that ghost was ahead of me, I would know that I am lagging behind. If I am ahead of that ghost, I know that I am getting better.

Our brains are equipped to simulate several experiences that we can put to our use.

When you witness a beautiful scenery, assume that you would go home and sketch it out. The power of simulation pushes you to pay more attention and take in every little detail.

When you are performing a mundane task out of it, try making a game out of it. The power of simulation can turn drudgery into fun.

When accepting an appointment long into the future, ask yourself if you’d accept the appointment if it were happening tomorrow. The power of simulation prevents you from taking on commitments you will regret later.

The human brain is unique in having an enlarged frontal lobe that is able to simulate experiences. With a little creativity, we can put this part of our brain to fantastic use.

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