I do and I understand

When you start out playing table tennis, you are taught to focus all your attention on the ball.

You realize that merely by watching the ball, the rest of your body knows what to do. You legs know how to position themselves, your hands swivel to get behind the ball’s trajectory and your wrist knows just how much force to use to nudge the ball back into the opponent’s court.

Now you may read tonnes of books and watch several videos on table tennis. But none of that is going to help you build the hand-eye coordination and the other unconscious motor skills needed to play the sport.

Several key aspects of any skill, from playing a sport to running a company, are picked up through immersion and without conscious effort.

2 thoughts on “I do and I understand

  1. Yes Anupam, but reading tons of books & watching videos helps tremendously.
    Immersion & practice will be more meanigful and reassuring and focussed with all that theoretical knowledge.


    1. True – one ought to strike a good balance between the two.

      In today’s academic world, we lean too much on the side of theory, even as we do the opposite mistake in the practical world of organizations.

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