Take advantage of that fat bill

Spending a large sum of money is sometimes the easiest means to transform deep-rooted habits.

I recently spent about €150 on a professional dental cleaning – a grand sum! But the hygienist was meticulous and I left her pneumatic chair with a mouth full of squeaky clean enamel.

Prior to this appointment, dead habit had rendered my brushing and flossing into a thoughtless ritual. The expensive dental cleanup changed that. When I now brush my teeth now, I do it mindfully. I present the brush at the correct angle and move it with a gentle twist (the hygienist showed me how). In effect, the €150 down payment helped me transform my brushing habits for the better.

Racking up a large bill can kick-start useful habits. A friend of mine once spent a large sum of money on running gear, which motivated him to run everyday. Alternatively, you can use your spending to stop harmful habits. Buying a chair with a nice backrest has reduced my slouching even when I am not seated on it.

To drive a behavioural change that matters to you, spend an amount that is large enough to matter. The more you care about how much you have spent, the more likely you are to change the status-quo.

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