From greed to wisdom

Greed can be defined as the pursuit of short-term gain with a harmful long-term cost.

A greedy company charges a hefty price for a low-quality product. This might lead to short-term profit but erodes customer trust in the long-term.

A greedy landlady charges an exorbitant rent. Her desperate tenants might grudgingly pay her rent, but they jump at the opportunity to move to another place.

Wisdom is the ability to make the best long-term decisions, often at a cost in the short-term.

A wise company invests in a quality product and nurtures loyal customers who won’t abandon them for the cheapest alternative.

A wise landlady makes an effort to cultivate a healthy relationship with her tenants – one that is not merely transactional.

Going from greed to wisdom requires us to shift our perspective from the short-term to the long-term.

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