Stop chasing fads

In a bid for clicks, the internet has flooded us with instant solutions.

How to do chakrasana perfectly in 5 days

I actually like this video – the instructor shows us how to go step-by-step to performing a chakrasana – an advanced posture in yoga. It is the ‘perfectly in 5 days’ part that is problematic.

For anything to have the desired results, you need to administer the minimum effective dosage. Just as the doctor prescribes a dosage of 4 tablets for an entire week to successfully wipe out an infection, I needed 4 weeks of daily practice to learn to do the chakrasana. Not 5 days. And I am still miles away from perfection.

The internet pushes people to chase fads. They don’t stick to one thing long enough because it doesn’t produce the results they expect. However, they’ve got things the other way around. They do not get the desired results because they don’t keep at things long enough.

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