E-mail blast training

Most leaders aren’t clear enough in their communication. They haven’t received what Derek Sivers calls E-mail blasts.

Sivers was the CEO of company with about 2 million customers. When he sent out an email to his customers, he had to invest a tonne of effort to make it crystal clear. Any hint of ambiguity would see his mailbox flooded with about 20,000 confused queries, costing him more than $5000 plus morale to process.

“One unclear sentence? Immediate $5000 penalty. Ouch.”

In most organizations, leaders don’t communicate clearly. This is because they don’t receive the immediate and painful feedback that Sivers received in the form of email blasts.

It takes a heavy investment of effort upfront to keep your communication clear – effort that is painfully visible to you. But hidden from your sight, ambiguous communication invariably costs your team way more effort to clean up after you.

The more upstream you are in a communication channel, the more it is worth fretting upon every sentence and every word that you use.

One thought on “E-mail blast training

  1. True.
    If only we taught communication skills, body language, yoga & instrumental music, in school, from LKG onwards, to all, we would be doing the world & future generation & ourselves, a great favor.

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