Value experience ahead of appearance

Most of us would rather go to a restaurant where the food is tasty than one where it is merely presented well.

We all know deep-down that experience ought to be valued over appearance. Here are a few ways to do that outside of restaurants:

Test drive a car several times before buying it. Better yet, rent one out for a road-trip.

Rent out a house for a few months before buying it.

Before you hire anybody full-time, offer them a short-term internship.

And yet, none of these are commonly practiced today. We fall too often for supermodels posing next to cars, one-time visits to properties with realtors in tow and charismatic interview frauds.

Conventional decisions are often wrongly skewed in favour of appearances. However, you have choice to do things differently by putting experience ahead of appearance .

Inspriation: Appearances vs Experiences: What Really Makes Us Happy 

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