The reverse, the long and the wide

When you are cycling down the street and a taxi driver cuts you off, how do you feel?

Viewed from the lens of a cyclist, that cabby has violated a traffic rule and wronged you. It is natural to rile up, curse the cabby and wish that his ilk were banished from the streets of the civilized world.

But there are several other lenses to view this incident – ones that don’t come to us naturally, but could serve us better.

The reverse lens – how would this story be different if the taxi driver were to tell it?

The long lens – how would this incident affect my life 6 months from now?

The wide lens – regardless of its outcome, what can I learn from this incident?

When we are wronged, we naturally don the lens of a victim. Reaching for the reverse, the long and the wide lens helps us replace indignation with equanimity.

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