How writing fosters discipline

How many podcast episodes have you listened to? Now, how many podcast transcripts have you read instead?

How many interviews or TED talks have you watched? How many of those have you read via transcripts?

We are quicker at reading than we are at listening or watching. Yet, transcripts of communication that happened verbally do not make for good reading. They are long, dry and use too many words. Like sugarcane bagasse, their juice has all been squeezed out.

As audiences, we have higher standards for the written word than the spoken word. As writers, this pushes us to make our message clearer, our prose tighter and our thinking more disciplined.

2 thoughts on “How writing fosters discipline

  1. I agree completely. Off late I have been writing everyday on Facebook and I can relate to what you are saying about the push we get in form on internal validation before we hit the publish button. Mostly that internal validation happens only after multiple edits.

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    1. True. Editing is the means through which writing becomes more disciplined.

      Not editing a post is a missed opportunity. The more I write, the more careful attention I pay to editing.

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