The age of impatience

Growing your own tomatoes in the 21st century is hard work. Sure, we have all the equipment and the information at our fingertips. It is the waiting part that is hard.

Our cherry tomato plants are doing well this year. These plants grow rapidly – it takes lesser time than one expects for the first tiny tomatoes to appear. Yet, after that, it seems to take forever for them to grow and ripen.

Tomato plants have always been this way. Farming is a patient pursuit. But patience is precisely what we lack in the 21st century. To underline this, I have already estimated the total number of tomatoes our plants will yield in this season – before even all the flowers have appeared.

Our 21st century lives are full of instant results and ‘quick wins’. Yet, we find our lives deprived of meaning. Meaningful pursuits aren’t flashes in the pan. They require steady investment of patient effort.

Since we live in an era where impatience is the crowning virtue, our biggest challenge is to choose slow results over quick ones.

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