Meta as a force multiplier

Following one recipe teaches you how to prepare one dish. Learning how to cook allows you to apply the principles of cooking to all your recipes.

Reading one book gives you one book’s worth of knowledge. Learning how to read lets you get more out of every book you read.

Learning one programming language lets you access its frameworks and libraries. Learning how to program teaches you good practices that you can apply across languages.

Learning one subject well enough may earn you a degree and fetch you employment. Learning how to learn lets you master subject after subject.

Even as the internet is flooded with one-time solutions, information on meta principles are harder to find. If you look for recipes on Youtube, you will find more than a lifetime’s worth of search results. Yet, try and look for videos on food science and you are left in the lurch with mostly mediocre material.

The world is hooked onto superficial one-time answers and solutions. Digging deeper and uncovering the meta principles gives you incredible leverage over one-timers.

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