As if it were a game

The mark of an expert is to make something look easier than it is.

When a developer quickly scraps a script together, it appears as though she is playing with her keyboard. And when she hits the play button, something magical happens on the screen. And yet, when ‘non-tech’ people try to copy a tab from one Excel sheet to another, it feels like drudgery.

When a sales person approaches a customer, he treats it like a game. He makes his move and observes how the customer responds. He changes his tactics as needed. At the end of the meeting, he has clear feedback on whether he is closer to a sale or not. But for people who don’t like sales, even striking up a casual conversation with a stranger feels like a massive burden.

What feels like play to an expert, feels like work to everybody else.

But what if we flipped things around? What if we thought of work as play? What if we decided that every task on the computer was a riddle to solve? What if we considered every sale with a customer a two-player game? Would that change the way we approach them?

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