Two approaches towards fighting procrastination

There are two ways to irrigate a field from a nearby river.

The quickest way is to install a pump. But pumping water is hard work. You have to work against the will of water, and this needs external power. The overall quantity of water you can harness this way is quite small.

The harder but more effective way is to build a canal to divert water to your field. A canal harnesses the river’s own flow. It merely changes the environment to direct a small part of this flow towards your field.

You can adopt two approaches to overcome procrastination. You can force your way through it using your will-power, like pumping water. This may work for short spurts, but it is mentally draining. Will-power is an exhaustible resource.

The alternative is to to build canals – to tailor your environment and remove obstacles from getting in your way of doing work that matters most to you. This requires more planning and discipline, but you can reap the rewards of your efforts for as long as the river flows.

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