What change are you selling?

To become a better marketer, ask yourself the change you seek to make.

You might be a door-to-door saleswoman, selling a book on better coding practices. The change you seek to make is to ensure that budding coders work more efficiently. You sell them the opportunity to learn from mistakes that experts in the field have already invested sleepless nights and several hair follicles over. They don’t have to make those mistakes all over again.

You might be selling toilet paper to a supermarket chain. Although the difference isn’t obvious, your brand of toilet paper is made from recycled paper and is 10% more eco-friendly than the market leader. The change you wish to make is to reduce your customers’ carbon footprint one square at a time.

All marketers (and we are all marketers) seek to change their customers. Understanding what that change is brings clarity. If it is a worthy change, you become a more potent marketer. If it is not a change worth making, what you are selling is not worth your time.

Inspiration: This is Marketing

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