Take the path of most Resistance

Electricity takes the path of least resistance. Our search for meaning does not follow this law.

An internal force prevents us from getting what is most valuable from us. It fosters procrastination, dilutes ambition, rationalizes failures and prods us into self-sabotage. Steven Pressfield calls this internal enemy the ‘Resistance’.

We all have experienced the Resistance in one form or the other. It turns up precisely when we wish to do valuable work. The more meaningful our mission, the stronger the Resistance.

We are most scared of talking to the person we have a crush on. We are most scared of pursuing an unconventional, yet meaningful career. We are most scared of committing ourselves to a worthy cause. If it isn’t important in a life-changing sort of way, the Resistance doesn’t get in the way. It steps aside and lets us through.

When you started your career, which of your aspirations frightened your ‘well-wishers’ the most? As you pivot out of a meaningless job, which of your options seem most daunting?

Our search for meaning requires us to take the path of most Resistance.

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