Tuning in to our intuition

A fire-ground commander, who leads teams of firefighters into a burning house, senses when the house is about to collapse and yells for everybody to evacuate it immediately. Seconds later, the floor of the house collapses into the burning inferno in the basement.

Our partners can sense if something is wrong by merely looking at our eyes. Our mothers manage this by merely listening to a ‘hello’ on the phone.

Before we eat a meal of spoiled food, we sense that something about it doesn’t seem right. Food poisoning happens when we overrule this instinct.

In the first ten minutes of a movie, we know who the good guys are, who the bad guys are and whom we would be rooting for.

When college bands play at music competitions, we often sense that something is off about their performance before we realize that the bass guitar is out of tune.

A chess player senses his position deteriorate before realizing that his knight is stuck in the middle of the board.

Reading merely one page of a novel is enough to tell us whether we would enjoy reading it.

Our unconscious intuition is adept at sensing risk, danger and a lack of quality before our conscious mind can point to the source of the problem.

Yet, our intuition doesn’t yell out loud. Instead, it whispers to us. Listening to this whisper requires us to maintain inner silence and tune-in.

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