Why nobody cares about your writing

Having written more than 800 blog posts, I have realized that each blog post is like an advertisement. The people that make an ad love it, but pretty much everybody else considers it an unwelcome interruption.

Why do people skip ads and install ad-blockers on their browsers? Simple – because they are busy people who have better things to do.

The most despicable ads are all about the product. The best ads deliver something more than just a sermon on the product. They are humorous. They tell a story. They make a personal connection. They require the advertiser to be more concerned about the audience than the product.

Several writers are fooled into thinking that people are dying to read what they have just written. Perhaps this is a hangover from their school days when their English teachers were forced to read and grade their essays.

The cold reality – something that every budding writer stares at – is that our writing isn’t too different from an ad. This humbling realization makes you stop thrusting ideas and facts at readers and helps you invest the emotional labour to make your posts worth their time.

Inspiration: Nobody wants to read your shit

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