Leave no traces

While on a hike, a mandatory rule is to leave no traces. The idea is to use the beaten path, clean up after ourselves and preserve the trail for posterity.

If our minds were hiking trails, some hikers leave no traces.

Wholesome food leaves no traces – neither on our minds nor on our bodies. Eating a healthy meal makes us feel great afterwards. But if you think about it, to feel great after a meal is to feel nothing – no bloated stomachs, no frequent burps or no feeling of drowsiness after an hour.

Wholesome experiences leave no traces.  Experiences such as going for a long run, having an engaging conversation or finishing a demanding project are complete in themselves. They do not leave behind a trace of craving.

The music I most enjoy leaves no traces. I appreciate it as I listen to it in the moment. Popular music are more likely to turn into nasty ‘earworms’.

We are better able to cope with acute pain rather than chronic pain because acute pain leaves fewer traces.

Meditation is the process of observing the traces on our mind. Like cleaning a vessel – it helps us observe and scrub out spots where our experiences have left stains on our mental fabric. In the absence of those traces, we experience happiness and bliss.

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