Grandma’s remedy for procrastination

Grandmothers have long tricked us into eating more apples.

Have you bought apples and had them lie around your kitchen counter until they rotted away? I have done this only too often. But if my grandmothers were around, they would have cut those pesky fruits up into smaller pieces and laid them out on a plate, thereby ensuring that they disappear in no time.

Eating a whole apple sounds easier than it really is. There aren’t many instances when we feel like popping a full apple into our mouth. If we aren’t hungry, an entire apple is too much. If we are hungry, we would rather eat a meal or a bagful of chips instead. Besides, other tasks such as washing the apple, quartering it and coring it tend to get in the way.

Just chopping the apple into smaller bits solves most of these problems. It makes the act of popping an apple into our mouth as easy as reaching for a piece of chocolate.

We often procrastinate because our tasks are too big and there is never a good time to get to them. Our grandmothers, in their infinite wisdom, show us how we simply ought to chop them down into smaller, more manageable bits.

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