The hidden costs of perfection

Perfectionism comes with the sole promise of making our work better. And yet, it often lures us into doing the opposite.

Perfectionism isn’t a solo act. It appears with several other constraints – deadlines, limited resources and inadequate skill levels. When we start a project, perfectionism often takes center stage, relegating those other players to the backdrop. We spend several hours on “internet research” or in juggling the words in the introductory paragraph until it appears flawless.

Yet, as the deadline looms larger and our patience runs thin, we realize how we need to scramble to the finish. Mayhem! How we wish we now had those hours we flitted away in applying several coats of make-up to our introduction. Alas! It is time to go on stage with a perfectly painted face, a passable shirt and a pair of tattered pants.

Beware of the promises that perfectionism makes. Be aware of its pitfalls.


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