Let’s bring April fool’s back

April fool’s day on the internet doesn’t hold the same charm as it once used to.

In the past, blogs were replete with some of the most elegant and elaborate ploys – with Tim Ferriss confessing that his posts were written by ghost writers, and Seth Godin announcing his retirement stating that he was all out of good ideas. There was also videos of miracle devices and inventions such as Google’s self driving bicycle.

But brilliant gags such as these are losing their charm now. It isn’t because the good ones have all been done. It is because of how the internet has changed.

The credibility of the internet is at an all time low – April fool’s day or otherwise. The same facts are morphed into numerous articles, each with a more slippery hold on them. ‘Fake news’ a term that would have been an oxymoron a decade back is reality today.

If the internet fools people every single day, April fool’s day doesn’t hold the same charm anymore. But we can change that if we wished to. That would depend on how we behaved on the internet on the remaining 364 days of the year.

Here is hoping that we can bring April fool’s day back to the world wide web.

Hat-tip: Akimbo.

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