An opportunity to break habits

Our current crisis has broken several of our habits – both good and bad. As things go back to normal, it offers us a unique opportunity to curate them.

In early 2017, we honeymooned in New Zealand for 21 days. For ten years before 2017, I fervently followed Indian politics. I was also an ardent Arsenal fan during this time.

Our New Zealand trip gave me a break from these two worlds. It was too much of a hassle to stay updated with what was happening in Indian politics and English football from a corner of the Southern Hemisphere. But during the trip, I realized how I did not miss them. Besides, I had breathtaking views such as the ones below to keep me occupied.

Lake Wanaka

Since 2017, I have stopped following politics and haven’t watched a single Arsenal game. This has freed up several hours to pursue other things I really wanted to.

The global lock down prevents us from exercising several of our habits – visiting parties, following sporting events, relying on in-person meetings and hanging out with a bunch of our usual friends. Here’s the key question – which of those things do we really miss in their absence?

Sure, our lives are constrained now. But most of us reading this are privileged enough to utilize this crisis to redefine habits that we unconsciously follow.

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