Stephen King’s pencil

At a writer’s conference, when Stephen King finishes his speech, somebody in the audience inevitably raises his hand to ask him what kind of pencil he used.

An answer on Reddit tells me that King used a Blackwing 602 #2 pencil. But how does knowing that help me?

We often see successful people being asked about their morning routine.

‘What do you do, first thing after you wake up?’

‘I drink coffee.’

‘What kind of coffee? Dry roasted? Colombian? And how strong? Do you take it plain or with milk?’

You catch the drift.

In a bid to emulate the greats, we often get distracted by details that do not matter. They distract us from the most essential facts – like how King unfailingly wrote 2000 words every single day, or how he had so many rejection letters that a nail driven into a wall couldn’t hold their weight.

Even worse, those irrelevant details keep us from doing our own work and making our own art.

Recommendation: Stephen King’s life in a short comic strip format

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