A full calendar by default

The days on a work calendar are empty by default. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

An empty calendar attracts meetings like sweets on the roadside attract flies. A meeting every other hour is counterproductive especially if you are an individual contributor.

Even coordinators, like managers and team leads, require chunks of uninterrupted time. When their calendars are bursting at their seams, managers often deliberately block time off on it. But this often happens only after they are with inundated meetings and struggling to stay afloat. Individual contributors simply don’t do this at all.

Designate two days every week for deep work and block off 80% of your time on these days. That way, all your meetings get squashed into the remaining days and you enjoy clear separation between meeting days the ones where work actually gets done.

An empty calendar implies that you are open to interruption by default. You can change that with a click of a button.

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