The cost of a good yelling

When things don’t work out as planned, we often want to teach somebody a lesson.

If the pizza was delivered 30 min late to our party, we let the delivery person have it. If a referee makes a bad call, the entire stadium boos to let her know. If the airline keeps us waiting for 30 minutes on the phone line to the accompaniment of an off-tune Mozart piece, the poor chap who finally picks up gets a hearing.

In giving somebody a good yelling, we feel like we are fixing the world. If only things were that simple!

What we lose instead is more precious – a calm and collected state of mind. Few things in this world are worth losing one’s mind over. Especially the millions of decisions that we don’t control, but affect us anyway.

It is vastly more important to retain your peace of mind than give somebody a piece of your mind.

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