Re-frame outcomes in terms of inputs

Seasoned hikers know that they do not control the weather and prepare accordingly.

They waterproof their bags and pack ponchos to guard against the rain. They carry sufficient water and bring enough sun protection. They wrap studs around their shoes to trudge through ice.

Although they do not control climatic conditions, they know that they can be prepared. The weather here is an outcome. Their preparation is their input to meet this outcome.

Several things we want are outcomes that we do not control. We often frame these outcomes as our goals – like securing a job promotion or becoming a famous musician. But merely being outcome focused is like trying to control the weather.

What if we re-framed these outcomes as inputs instead?

We don’t control if we get promoted. We could, however, ask our boss the three things we need to do to get there. We can then do our best to check those boxes. We don’t control the fame our music would bring. We do control the number of hours of disciplined daily practice we put into our art.

Outcomes are often outside our grasp. Why not re-frame them in terms of the inputs we control instead?

Inspiration: A Guide to the Good Life

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