10% for curation

Thanks to the internet, our biggest problem has changed from information access to information curation.

Pre-internet, access to information was hard. If you wanted to learn C programming, you borrowed from a library or bought a title from a bookstore nearby. Today, you can choose from thousands of tutorials online.

But this flood of choices also has its disadvantage. Each of those myriad choices can vary wildly in quality. Search engines don’t have enough quality control built into them (and will not for as long as they sell ads). Therefore, if you plunge headlong into the first search result for an online course, you might find it sub-standard or unsuitable halfway through.

The alternative is to dedicate about 10% of your total time to research. Let’s say you set aside 40 hours for a C programming course online. Then allot 4 hours for trying out different courses and finding the one that works for you.

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Inspiration: Scott Young


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