An ode to repetition

What if somebody has already expressed an idea before? Does that mean you cannot say it again?

Most musical compositions have repeating patterns. In popular music like pop or rock ‘n’ roll, this repetition is obvious. In classical and jazz music, phrases are repeated with subtle variations each time.

We see repetition in symmetry, in fractal patterns and in alliterating phrases. We see it in dances, with a lead dancer and her extras. We see it in gymnastics and synchronized swimming. We see it in the rhyme and the rhythm of a poem as well as in the majestic minarets of a medieval mosque.

Most great ideas are repetitions of the artist’s impressions. It is poetic how all of nature in its spectacular variety is merely a permutation of a handful of elements.

Do not hold yourself back if it has already been said before. When you say it again, you will say it differently and add to its beauty.

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