An eye for ideas

How many species of birds frequent your neighbourhood? You would be surprised if you knew the answer.

Sometime in my early twenties, I started spotting birds. I then noticed how several exotic species of birds frequented Bangalore, my hometown – barbets, orioles, shikras and flycatchers. They were always there, but I had never noticed them before I developed an eye for spotting birds.

One Bangalore resident recorded the birds he spotted on his 10 minute daily walk. The chart below documents the 32 species that he regularly spotted. Those birds are just as visible to any resident in Bangalore. It is just that we look right past them.


The ideas that surround us aren’t different from those exotic species of birds. We are surrounded by topics for podcasts, inspiration for articles, plots for novels and plans for businesses. They reside not just in the outside world, but also in the eye of the beholder.

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