Fear of the unexplained

A random event is an effect whose cause is unexplained. The human condition is to wage a war against randomness.

Why a particular stock does well is unexplained. Yet, analysts fill pages with their theories, insights and explanations.

The presence of several symptoms defies explanation. Yet, show a symptom to three doctors and they will give you three different explanations.

How a team pulls off a brilliant victory is often a mystery to their coach. Yet, listen to sport commentators and it seems like every play was all part of the coach’s grand plan.

We have no explanations for why Despacito, Gangnam Style and Kolaveri were roaring hits. Yet, numerous articles in the internet expound on their recipes for success.

Each person’s future is unknown. Yet, that doesn’t prevent us from using birthdays, the lines on our palms, gemstones and heavenly bodies in various forms to predict our future.

We are surrounded by vast amounts of complexity. Most complex systems have effects without clear causes. But human tendency is to swim against this current and explain everything.

What we fear most isn’t the stock market, deadly diseases or disasters lurking in the future. What we fear is the unexplained.

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