The underlying operating systems

Every device has an underlying operating system. While the programs and apps are what we see, touch and feel, the device’s operating system lies at its core.

A site like Tripadvisor will list out a 100 peripheral things in a city – the sights, places to visit and statues to take selfies with. The city’s operating system is its more mundane, but crucial aspects such as roads, public transport and schools.

The information on a company’s ads, websites and its careers page is skin deep. A company’s culture – the things that they do everyday and how they do it – comprises its operating system.

People’s social profiles, the points they list on their resume and the things they do in public are superficial. Their values, principles and the things they do when nobody is looking make up their operating system.

We often form impressions based on what we see on the surface – the superficial, the peripheral and the quirky. The more fundamental question is why those things are the way they are.

What we see is not all that there is.

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