Multiplying excellence

Excellence is rare. How do multiply it to create a better world?

Excellence is personal. We are all wired to the world in slightly different ways. These differences permute and combine to make us a creative species. But these personal differences also make excellence hard to pin down. The 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration notwithstanding, there is no real formula for genius.

On the other hand, we know excellence when we see it. We observe it when a flight attendant puts on a fantastic show with her safety demonstration. We taste it in the exceptional red sauce pasta from the office canteen. We witness it in an intern’s 15 min presentation, which he is sure to have rehearsed for hours.

The most effective way to multiply excellence is to point it out when we see it. A simple, specific and well timed compliment can amplify a moment of excellence into a lifetime’s worth of genius.

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