The truth and its narrative

We often prefer narratives to the truth.

Fiction books flood the bookstore. Look around you might find that meager section dedicated to non-fiction books. Open up the best selling non-fiction books and you’ll see how they also have great narratives.

Entire professions illustrate our affinity towards narratives even at the expense of truth.

Magicians dress the truth up in a narrative that seems to defy logic and common-sense.

Astrologers explain your life’s events in terms of planets that are millions of kilometers away. The stars maybe too distant to physically interfere in our lives. But they aren’t far enough to spark our imagination and the narratives it produces.

Marketers describe things to us to make them appealing. Psychologists have long known that people did not choose between things, but rather between descriptions of things.

To see the world for what it is requires us to dance between the truth and its narrative. Every truth needs a narrative for people to accept it. Every narrative that resonates with us rests upon an underlying truth.

Wisdom is the ability to step between the real world of truth and the fictitious world of narratives.

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