Embrace impostor syndrome

Impostor syndrome is ubiquitous. In certain situations where we doubt ourselves, we all end up feeling like a fraud who doesn’t deserve to

The typical response to impostor syndrome is to fight it – to perceive it to be negative, brush it under the carpet and go on to make the change that we seek to make. But is it really something that ought to be shunned?

Any change that pushes us and the world past our comfort zone is likely to make us feel like an impostor. When we challenge the status-quo, we run into the way things have always been done. The impostor syndrome is a warning that things can go wrong in the process. It is an indication that we wish to effect a change that is good. Sociopaths experience little impostor syndrome.

Impostor syndrome indicates that we are challenging tradition. Further, it serves as a guardrail against doing harm. When we feel like impostors, we ought to thank that feeling and lean in further to learn why we feel that way.

Inpsiration: Seth Godin 

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