The surprising power behind dominoes

What can one measly domino do?

A Dutch physicist gave this question some serious thought. He concluded that a domino, when correctly placed, can topple another domino that is 1.5 times its height. Now this may not seem like much. A domino measuring 5 cm can, after all, topple another that is 7.5 cm tall. But this is where we underestimate the power of compounding.

Standing on his peer’s shoulder, another physicist went further and found that if the first domino weighed about 5 g, by the time we reach the 12th domino, we would be dealing with one that weighs more than 3200 Kg – as much as an average Asiatic elephant. Yes – that is merely the 12th domino in a series that started at 5 measly grams.

newplot (1)

Every falling domino has tremendous potential depending on where it is placed. The biggest challenge is to line them up, one after the other, with patience and discipline.

Inspiration: The ONE Thing

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