20 years since

It’s 2020. Let us examine a few ways in which the world has changed in the last 20 years.

20 years ago, access to education was limited. You had to be fortunate enough to be admitted in the handful of the excellent universities that the world. Today, the best courses in the world are online – free of charge.

20 years ago, access to the means of manufacturing was limited. You had to buy heavy machinery or rent it on expensive leases. Today, anybody can outsource, rent or manufacture goods in small batches with the click of a few buttons.

20 years ago, you had to rent a physical store to to start your own retail business. Today, you could setup shop on the corner of the internet for a fraction of the price.

20 years ago, media was centralized and carefully guarded by gatekeepers. To appear on television, print or radio was nearly impossible for the average person. Today, anybody can start their video channel, own websites and blogs or start a podcast.

In 20 years, we have moved from an era of access scarcity to an overwhelming abundance of access. Now that we realize this, what are we going to do about it?

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