All creators iterate

Innovation happens in iterations.

The psychologist Anders Eriksson calls this deliberate practice – the fastest means to learn a new task is to make mistakes and correct them through cognitive effort. And all innovation is learning.

Creators everywhere embrace this principle.

Writers always iterate upon their drafts. What you read in their books is invariably not what first came out of their minds.

Good coders always refactor the code that they first commit to the screens, to structure it better and make it more legible.

Film directors use multiple takes of a shot. They observe what works, change what doesn’t and shoot again.

Sculptors work in iterations of their whole work, carving out the rough outlines on the first pass and adding a layer of detail in each pass.

Musicians record, listen to what they have got and record again to find the perfect sound in each song.

TED speakers often try out their speeches in front of several trial audiences, retaining whatever worked while cutting out what did not.

The best startups are those that have tight release cycles – a new version every other week to try new features and iron out bugs.

Retain the good. Throw out the bad. Repeat.

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