Stealing time is easy

Organizations know that Time = Money. And yet, they do not treat the two in the same manner.

This hypocrisy is best illustrated with meetings. Most meetings are a waste of time. They invariably have more people in attendance than required and lack a clear agenda.

And yet, calling a meeting is the easiest thing to do. Everybody’s calendar is public and people can block time on it without a moment’s hesitation. When they do, the onus is then on the other person to provide a valid reason and reject it if it doesn’t work for them.

Every meeting costs the organization a ton of money. 3 people paid $35/hour in an hour long  non-productive meeting  costs about $100. But just try stealing $100 from your organization and you would be neck deep in trouble. All variety of auditors and comptrollers would try their best to punish you.

Most companies go around saying Time = Money. What they lack is the courage to put their money where their mouth is.

Inspiration: Jason Fried

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