Where you have more control

Chances are that you and I spend at least eight hours everyday in front of a computer screen, which inevitably wrecks our posture. Observe your own posture as you read this. Is your back straight?

Straightening your back momentarily is of no avail. With the passage of even a few minutes, your back would return to its default state, with a hunch in its spine. What gravity lacks in strength, it makes up for with persistence. 

Your best bet in this life-long battle is to focus on your environment rather than your behaviour:

  • Is your computer screen high enough so that you sit up straight as you stare right into it?
  • Does your desk at work allow you to stand up? If so, leave it in the standing position at the the end of your work day
  • Raise your bathroom mirror so that you start and end each day with a straight back as you brush your teeth

You have less control over your unconscious behaviour and more control over your environment than you realize.

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