Does this help you sleep better?

A colleague recently asked me – what is one thing you would recommend to anybody that can have the greatest positive impact on their life?

That is a hard question. Therefore, his simple answer intrigued me. His rule of the thumb was to live each moment of his day so that he could sleep better at night.

On giving it some thought, I realized how a night of sound sleep has several positive feedback loops:

  • Sound sleep requires regular habits and a virtuous diet
  • Exercise and sleep complement each other
  • A good night’s sleep leads to a productive day and vice-versa
  • Healthy people sleep better. Better sleep makes you healthier
  • One needs a clear conscience to enjoy a good night’s sleep
  • Well rested people makes better decisions and can keep their conscience clear

Life’s most elegant solutions are simple. A good night’s sleep is the elegant solution to several of our hardest problems.

2 thoughts on “Does this help you sleep better?

  1. The one thing that has positive impact in my life is “to understand that whatever happens is because of my karma”. Means- if anyone is mean or unreasonable, it is not about them, but that is what i desreve because of my karma from a previous birth. If i help someone financially or othetwise, it is not because i am generous, but it is because i owe them and it was theirs anyway and it just went back to them ..
    Guru Deepak bhai of Dada Bhagwan foundation says this everyday and it has helped me not to react and look at everyone in my life as just objects or agents who reflect my karma or agents to finish my karma. I keep repeating ” it is not about them, this is what i deserve…etc” .
    Because, i know that if God has given me such wonderful parents, brothers, kids, nepews, neices, sisters in laws etc. etc…. not because i am entitled or deserve, but because of good karmas and so i have no business to complain about unreasonable in-laws, colleauges, neighbors etc. becasue it is not personal and they are just there to finish my karma and aim for moksha.
    In other words, i could have been that kid in the slum or been born in Ethiopia or Sudan, but i am here and have only had good things happening in my life , why? Because i have passed through many births and i attempt to become better human being, or try to do good karmas and i have realised that we should go towards moksha by this path.

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