Don’t forget the reward

A habit can be broken down into three steps – a trigger, a routine and a reward.

Boredom – Checking one’s phone – Dopamine

A particular day of the week – Zumba session – Endorphins

Anxiety – Reaching for a dessert – Gratification

While setting a new habit, the cue and the routine are emphasized, and the reward is often neglected. The Pomodoro technique is built in with a 5 minute reward after 25 min of focused work. Not many people are successful in adopting the technique – mostly because they don’t take the five minute reward after each session.

Another important factor is to set yourself up for success to enjoy your reward guilt-free by setting easier targets to begin with. You’re more likely to succeed in developing a habit of daily meditation if you start with 2 minutes a day rather than 20 minutes a day.

Before you start a new habit, design your rewards carefully.

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