Eternal habits

Hindus believe Sanskrit to be an eternal language, perfect in its inception handed down to humanity from God. And yet, we do not know if Sanskrit existed for more than 3000 years. Ever since, it has seen much transformation.

Most religions claim to be eternal truths, but did not even exist 2000 years ago – a mere blink in the timeline of our species’ 150,000 years on the planet.

Chili is synonymous with Indian cuisine – it has always been a part of Indian cuisine. Except, it wasn’t. Chili is native to North America and was introduced to India by Europeans. 5 centuries ago, rasam did not have chili. It didn’t have tomatoes either.

Some smartphone apps are indispensable – we cannot imagine our lives without them. And yet, just 10 years back, we did not miss their absence.

We humans are creatures of ephemeral habits that mistake them to be eternal. Everything that we consider to be eternally true about religion, culture, cuisine, technology and our innate capabilities are but temporary. If our existing habits do not serve us any longer, we can replace them with new ones, which in a couple of years, will seem like they always existed.

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