“Someday, I will do _________”

When you see a blooming sunflower farm from faraway, it appears like a yellow blanket covering the land. When you get closer, you realize that this homogeneous blanket was actually individual plants with large yellow flowers.

Our mind perceives our goals in the same way. Suppose we wish to grow and farm sunflowers, all we see is the yellow blanket and not the individual plants. To cover the land with a large yellow blanket is intimidating – where does one even begin? It is easier to avoid that uncomfortable feeling and reach for something else instead.

We have one word to describe this entire cycle – procrastination.

But you can choose to start with one plant. You could pot a sunflower in your balcony and nurture it till it flowers. And then you could plant two more.

The ambiguity that surrounds our large goals causes us to postpone them. How can you break them down so that you can start today?

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