A few moments to look away

When a car is new, you notice its extra spunk, its glitzy features and the sparkle it has on the finish. In a couple of months, you won’t notice it.

When deciding between Colorado and California for a new move, you think about how the weather is a factor. But it isn’t – not as much as you think it is. In a couple of months, you will adapt to the weather.¬†Scandinavians are among the happiest people in the world, and it isn’t because they have lovely weather.

My mobile banking app has a cool feature – if I waved my hand across the screen, it blurs out sensitive data like my account balance. But I never really used this feature. Not once. At the outset, we cannot imagine our lives without some apps on our phone. But by going for 30 days without them, we learn how we don’t miss them much.

Breaking news. It’s live! We’re first at the scene, and so are you. So pay attention! Just wait for a day, though, and it’s yesterday’s news. Can you remember what was on the news a month ago? How about 6 months ago? What other information do we value so much, whose relevance is merely one day?

The loud, the shiny and the urgent are all designed to hijack our attention. But look away even for a moment, and they lose their importance.

Let us spare a few moments to look away.

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