A hack for commute podcasts

Do you listen to podcasts or audiobooks on the way to work? Here’s a little hack that can help you learn better.

1. Listen to the podcast during your regular commute
2. After it’s done, write down what you learnt in bullet points
3. To help with recollection, mentally trace the route you took and try remembering what you listened to in each place

You’d be surprised by how much step 3 helps. One caveat, though, is that if you don’t do the recollection exercise on the same day, the next day’s commute will overwrite those memories.

Our brains are excellent at committing routes to memory. The memory palace technique harnesses this ability to help us organize and remember facts.

The toughest part about using a memory palace is constructing it in the first place. The beauty is that every time you listen to something during your commute, you are unconsciously building a memory palace. All you have to do is to explore it later.

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