Up close and personal

“Email is the future”, they once said,
“Everybody should use it to stay ahead.
It travels like magic through the sky
from Delhi to Damascus in the blink of an eye.”
Which email, pray tell, with its lightning pace,
Can tell me the expression on the sender’s face?

“IM can solve that”, they then retorted,
“With smileys, pleasant and faces contorted,
You could also share a picture of your choice,
And hear snippets of your loved one’s voice.”
But I could not converse for an entire hour
Just with snapshots of when I am happy or sour.

“Get on a video call”, they said, “It is dandy!
Just need to keep your smartphones handy
To hear each other’s voice, see each other’s hair,
As though they were standing right there!”
That’s great, let me hug you. Your perfume smells haunting,
Oh no! High tech, once again, has left me wanting.

Convenience is great. Work-from-home is fantastic,
But it is meaning we crave, not experiences plastic.
Technology is best used when it does enable
Two people to seat themselves across a table
To discuss 5G, VR, holograms, all the latest craze
And how they still fall short of good old face-to-face.

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