As if you would teach it

Do you have problems retaining what you learn?

Reading an article or watching a video often gives us a feeling of deep understanding. But in the process, we are merely following what we are looking at, and are unable to recall it a week later.

It is popular knowledge that teaching something helps us learn it better. The Feynman Technique outlines how this could be done. But this technique works like eating healthy. While most of us know how good it is, its implementation is harder. Teaching is hard work. Besides, to teach something you need a generous student.

But try out this experiment. When you read an article the next time, read it as if you were going to teach it to somebody else. Now observe your approach towards the article. Does something change? Do you pay greater attention to it? Do you try and better organize its ideas in your head?

The very intention of teaching something changes our approach towards learning it. Of course, if you are lucky enough, you could actually follow through with the teaching part. If not, just summarizing it in a notebook just as you would teach somebody else would help as well.

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