No. 600 – An ode to constraints

The word “constraint” is synonymous with difficulties. It reminds us of restrictions, limits, prohibitions and curtailment of freedom.

To make a commitment to write one blog post a day is severely constrained. It implies that I cannot spend more than a limited amount of time on each idea. My posts seldom exceed 300 words. I cannot support several of my beliefs with carefully researched facts. I cannot attach an image or a sketch to go with every post. I am also forced to have something to say every single day and hit the publish button, even if my mind screams out that the post isn’t “worthy”.

And yet, if I hadn’t embraced this constraint 600 days ago, I wouldn’t be here 600 posts later. While constraints eliminate several possibilities, they often serve as conduits for creativity. As they do in Sonnets and Haiku.

600 posts in, I am grateful for the constraints that have served me so well.

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