Slippery slopes

Seeking funding as an entrepreneur is a slippery slope. Once a start-up secures funding, it grows like a fire that consumes fuel at an increasing rate. Before long, it would need to seek more funding.

Eating cookies is a slippery slope. Eating one cookie triggers a craving for the next one, and before we know it, five cookies disappear from the kitchen counter. The act of eating the first cookie, in practice, includes taking a bite of the second cookie too.

Playing a game of rapid chess online is a slippery slope. Winning a game leaves the player feeling as if he hasn’t been challenged enough. Losing a game gives him an urge to come back strong and finish on a winning note. Either way, he is tempted to push the button to start another game after the first one.

When we decide to do something, what are we actually signing up for? Factor in the gradient of the slippery slope.

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