Be a culture

We hear about company culture everywhere. Most companies are trying to hustle a culture by writing an elaborate mission statement or by forcing initiatives down their employees’ throats.

“We believe in helping local communities. This Friday is our annual impact day. Let us clean the park, volunteer at pet shelters and teach underprivileged children.”

Yeah, right.

Jason Fried and David Heienemeier Hansson calls company culture a by-product of consistent behaviour. If your company rewards innovation, that would become a part of its culture. If people in your company often lie to clients, that would turn into the culture too, regardless of what the mission statement hung on the wall says.

Company culture isn’t made. It happens.

Companies don’t have cultures. They are cultures.

Don’t build a company culture. Be it. Every single day, and not one day a year.

Inspiration: Rework – Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

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